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Robin Hood (English, Intermediate)

It was very interesting game for me as Grandmaster and as player. This game was more difficult than Classic Game, becouse we use another language, which we do not use in usual life and it was hard. But everyone had same level of English so game was light and fan. And after game our languages became better, than it had been before. We teached thinking by English.And it was intresting and fan. Thanks my players.

Анна (Лиса) Кирпичникова (организатор)

Дата и время проведения: 22.06.2013 15:00:00

Место проведения: Кафе "Багеттерия" ул. Малая Дмитровка, 4


Анна (Лиса) Кирпичникова
Кулешова Анастасия Павловна

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